GAP Autoplex/Jensen Motors Cabot AR are misleading

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I bought a vehicle from GAP Autoplex/Jensen Motors/CarBrokers in Cabot AR. I should have known that with so many company names it was a bad business, but I bought a vehicle anyway.

The salesman told me that the vehicle was reliable, and was insistent that he didn't deal with lemons or salvage title vehicles. Within 24 hours of purchase, I found out that the motor is cracked and it costs $3,000 for a new motor. I paid $3,800 for it. This is pathetic.

I was misled and the man who sold it to me (Mark Pena) is ignoring my phone calls and STILL hasn't given me the title so I can register this lemon. Obviously this company doesn't care about customer service. I could have bought a vehicle at the same price without obvious motor damage. I am a full time college student and a single mother.

I spent all of my student loan money on this vehicle to get me back and forth to UALR for the next 2 years, and from the looks of it I will probably have to drop out because I can't get to class. Pathetic business.

Monetary Loss: $3800.



:) I purchased a car from this company and it was affordable in great condition and I haven't had any problems.


Gap Autoplex and car Brokers are two different dealers. The lady that is making these false accusations as well as slandering Gap Autplex’s name will be contacted by an attorney.

Thus, Legal charges will be pressed.

Gap Autoplex, the owner Mo El-Houri or anyone affiliated with that dealer, did not sell, help this lady purchase, exercise any transaction with this person or anyone affiliated with her. Gap Autoplex has never had a different name since it was opened for business 2.5 years ago, nor does it intend on having a different name in the future.

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